5 New Everlane Pieces + Cigarette Jean Review


Autumn is stubbornly settled in here. Has been for the past month, in fact, since long before it was technically fall. I somehow remember Calgary having more pleasant Septembers; grass still green, coats still tucked away in closets. But our patio was already encrusted with a yellow patina of leaves by the time school buses began appearing again. Huge, fat flakes of snow were drifting outside my window this morning.

My moods cycle with the weather, like many people. But fall feels more like a rebirth to me than spring does. Perhaps because it’s more dramatic; Calgary springs are little more than brown foliage and slush, until one day you blink and summer is fully fledged — as though spring was merely a passing thought. But fall makes itself known here, and stays for a little while. Long enough to light a few candles, stare out at the rain, and settle comfortably into a pleasantly melancholy mood, where one can reinvent herself — or at least pretend to. When the last of the mustard leaves have fallen, who knows who she will become next?

Playing with clothing is a classic method of reinventing oneself. But not merely in buying new pieces, mind you. I think bringing out old ones — the ones that were stashed away in guest bedrooms or drawers until the weather turned cooler — is just as effective. Cocooning yourself again in the pieces you’ve owned and loved for years is, perhaps, the best kind of metamorphosis.

But if you’ve pulled open the closet doors to discover you’ve given away much of last year’s practical fall pieces (guilty), perhaps this guide to some new favourite Everlane items of mine will come in handy. I hope you’ll let me know if it does.

The 5 pieces I’m reviewing are:

The Cigarette Jean

The Boss Flat

The Texture Cotton V-Neck

The V-Heel

The Pima Micro Rib Open V-Neck

*For your reference in this review, I am 5”7, 125 lbs.

the cigarette jean

When Everlane announced that they were launching an “authentic stretch” denim, I was skeptical — as I’m sure many of you were. I have nightmarish memories of stretchy jeans and “jeggings,” always finding them to look cheap and stretch out of shape after a few washes. But when Everlane asked me to test out a pair, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go for it. In all honestly, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. And I might even be a convert.

The Cigarette Jean


I’d consider most of my ethical jeans comfortable and well-cut. But these are, without a doubt, the comfiest pair I own. The kind of pair you wouldn’t feel like taking off when you get home in the evening. The stretch is truly perfect. The wonderful thing is, they don’t look like they’d be stretchy; they don’t have that flimsy, so-tight-you-can-almost-see-through-them look, neither do they bag and wrinkle excessively. They look and feel like denim. So far, I’m impressed!

I also love the high waist on them. I’ve always felt that the original Everlane high-waisted skinnies didn’t have quite a high enough waist; but at an 11” rise, the new cigarette jeans are just right. Instead of a zipper there are buttons, which help keep the waist from bulging out.

The placement of the pockets is also a nice touch. They’ve been situated out and up to create the illusion of perkiness, thanks to the popularity of a Kardashian-esque rear end. I can’t say I’m mad about it.


All in all, I’d say there are a lot of great things going for these cigarette jeans, and they undoubtedly blow all other pairs of stretchy jeans I’ve owned out of the water. I’m SO tempted to own a pair in every colour!


Oh, Everlane. You have got to figure out how to make jeans for tall people. While I can just barely get away with the length of the cigarette jeans, they definitely hit above my ankle, unlike the models in the photos. I struggle to believe that the one model is 5”10, and the jeans actually touch her ankles. I would LOVE to know how that’s possible. I’m only 5”7, and you can see that the jeans hit quite a bit higher on me. Maybe I have longer legs than she does? I’ve always thought I had a long torso in proportion to my legs… so I’m at a loss there. Perhaps it’s because she’s wearing a bigger waist size? Anyway, if you’re 5”7 and under, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. And if you are on the tall side, my suggestion would be to try one of the authentic stretch high-rise skinnies. It’s pretty much the same thing, but with a full length cut.

SIZING: I’m almost always a size 27, and these jeans fit perfectly — so I’d say they’re true to size in the waist. In fact, I feel that they fit me better than all of my other jeans combined. I don’t have to wiggle into them, or use a belt. But as I mentioned above, if you’re over 5”7, you may want to consider just getting the high-waisted stretch in the regular skinny style because it’s full-length.

MATERIAL + SUSTAINABILITY: 77% cotton, 17% modal, 2% elastane, 4% polyester. Everlane uses a LEED-certified factory for its stretch denim, which recycles 98% of its water and repurposes byproducts to minimize waste. Read more here.

CARE: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. I like to wash my jeans inside-out to minimize fading and wear.


STYLING: The jeans are available in black, washed black, and mid-blue. I definitely went out of my comfort zone when I chose the washed black; it’s my first pair of jeans ever in this wash. I was hesitant at first, but already I’m starting to love them for their versatility. While they’re a little more on the grungy side than I’m used to, I think they look great paired with a feminine top and heels or a slouchy white sweater. I’m looking forward to sharing more outfit ideas in my Instagram.


the boss flat

Soft, pebbled leather with a sharply pointed toe to bring out your inner boss-babe, these flats (Everlane has also referred to them as Boss Loafers) are a fresh take on the fan-favourite Boss Boot.

The Boss Flat


The leather is so flexible and soft, and conforms to my feet very nicely. I could see myself walking comfortably for hours in these shoes. I also just love the style; I have some round-toed smoking loafers that I adore, but there’s something about a pointed loafer that seems a little more formal, more romantic, more retro.


Everlane shoe sizing can be tricky if you have wider feet. I’m a size 8, but I often find that Everlane size 8s are too long for my feet. Then when I size down, the shoes are too narrow and pinch my toes. However, these loafers are actually the right size. I was sure my heel was going to slip out, but it didn’t. Overall, I’m pretty happy with these shoes! Can’t wait to start wearing them at my new workplace, where I’ll be doing a lot more walking than I’m used to.


The bottom of the loafers, and especially the sides of the heels, don’t have a lot of grip. Not that you’d walk on the sides of the heels, but I found that if I didn’t put my foot down perfectly flat, there was potential for slipping. I don’t see this being a major issue, but it was noticeable as I tested them on our hardwood floors (which are probably more slippery than most surfaces you’d walk on).

Also, this isn’t really a con, but I think the taupe colour I chose will be more of a challenge to style than the black style. I have a lot of beige and camel in my wardrobe that could potentially clash with the grey-brown of the shoes (online the shoes look more true brown, but in person they’re almost on the greyish-green side of brown — which makes sense, because their original name for the colour was “olive”). Even so, it’s challenge I think I’m up for, because the overwhelming majority of my shoes are black and it will be nice to have some variety.

SIZING: I’m generally a woman’s size 8 in shoes, and while I’ve sometimes struggled with Everlane shoe sizing in the past, these do fit and I don’t find the pointed toe to be pinchy at all.

MATERIAL: 100% Italian pebbled leather. See the factory here. (Same factory as they use to make their sling-backs).

CARE: Spot-clean with a cloth.


STYLING: The Boss Loafer is currently available in black, taupe, and burgundy (although I’m sure they’ll release more colours in the future). I love how the taupe loafers are paired with a checked blazer, white shirt, and jeans on the Everlane website. I’ll definitely be trying that combination. When wearing these taupe loafers, I’ll probably keep the rest of my outfit as neutral as possible to avoid clashing: whites, creams, greys, black, and maybe oatmeal.

the texture cotton v-neck

Slouchy, warm, with lovely little details, this v-neck sweater is going to be a wardrobe staple for me this fall, right into our cold Calgary winter. I absolutely adore the contrast between its casual, slouchy look and the feminine details in the sleeves. Definitely a great dress-up, dress-down piece.

The Texture Cotton V-Neck



A good v-neck sweater was on my fall wish list this year, and I couldn’t be happier with this top. The textured weave is a refreshing addition to my decidedly not-textured collection of sweaters, and the split hem allows for an easy, casual front-tuck. I also like that the sleeves are subtle balloon sleeves; that’s something new and playful for my closet as well.


To be honest, I can’t really think of any!

SIZING: I’m usually a size Small in tops, and this sweater was no exception. The sweater is supposed to have a relaxed fit, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go any bigger or smaller. Just right!

MATERIAL: 73% cotton, 27% nylon.

CARE: I find this interesting, but the tag on the sweater suggests hand washing, while the website suggests machine washing. Before I saw what the website said, I felt the fabric and took a look at the materials, and decided that it could probably be machine washed (because who wants to hand wash something if they don’t have to?). To be safe, I washed it in a mesh laundry bag on cold and delicate, then laid it flat to dry. The sweater was in perfect condition after! Checking the website confirmed my suspicions, that it’s perfectly fine to machine wash.


STYLING: The sweater comes in three colours: bone, dark navy, and surplus. I chose bone because I’m a sucker for white and off-white sweaters, and they look darn good with a pair of blue jeans. Because the top is more of a relaxed style, I’ll probably stick with more form-fitting bottoms. I may try tucking it into a long skirt sometime, though!


the v-heel

Romantic, vintage-inspired, and mysterious, I don’t think anything sums up my ideal style more than the v-heel. They’re ready to dress up any outfit or pair perfectly with a formal ensemble.

The V-Heel



First of all, this might be the most gorgeous little heel I’ve ever seen. I’m just swooning over the beautiful V shape and can’t wait to wear it more on dressy nights out.

In terms of comfort, the stiff suede material looks like it would be uncomfortable, but I found that it actually feels quite soft around my foot. The short heel means it can sustain longer period of walking, and will transition well from day to night.


The fit is a little tricky with these. I struck it lucky with the Boss Flats, but I found I had the typical Everlane sizing problem with the V-Heels. In short, my usual size is an 8, but Everlane’s size 8 is too long for me. While I would normally size down, the issue is that I have relatively wide feet, and the shoes are quite narrow, so I wouldn’t want to go any smaller (I tried that once with a different pair of Everlane heels and they were waaay too pinchy).

The V heel is so pretty, though, that I was determined to make them work. I went out and bought some gel shoe inserts to help them fit better, which did make a difference. I may still buy a heel grip, at least for my right foot (which I’ve discovered is shorter than my left). I also find that the top material of the shoe (where the V is) digs into the top of my right foot a little bit, but maybe my right foot is just oddly shaped in general, haha. I’m hoping that the material will relax and stretch out a bit with continued wear.

SIZING: As I mentioned above, I went with my true size — a women’s 8 — but ran into the typical Everlane shoe problem where the shoe is quite narrow, preventing me from sizing down, but the shoe is a little too long as-is. To fix this, I’ve bought some shoe inserts to help fill them out in length a little more. If you have feet on the narrower side, these will probably fit just fine.

MATERIAL: A beautiful suede coating covers a 100% Italian leather interior.

CARE: I treated mine with a suede protector, as the site suggests. Spot clean.


STYLING: The V-Heel comes in black, light blue, light pink, and mustard. I chose black because I just think the black V-Heel looks so retro and romantic, and will go with anything.

the pima micro rib open v-neck

When I saw this top on their website, and that it was only $28, I knew I had to get it — only because I had been looking for a top exactly like it, and Everlane had just gifted all of their customers with $20 because of a shipping error… or something, I can’t remember. But it seemed like the perfect opportunity! And I couldn’t be more thrilled. Elegant and versatile, this is the long-sleeve of my dreams. I’m generally not a plunging-neckline sort of girl, just as a personal preference. But I love necklines that show off a bit of back, collar-bone, and shoulder — I think it’s so mysterious and classy.

The Pima Micro Rib Open V-Neck



I’ll say it again: I’m completely smitten with the cut of this top.

And something I’ve often struggled with when wearing form-fitting tops is the size Small being too tight, and the Medium being too large. In this case, the size Small, which is my usual shirt size, was just perfect — not too clingy, not too loose, and NOT see-through, which is always a pet-peeve of mine. I’m not sure if the white version is quite as opaque, but at least the black doesn’t reveal any skin through its lovely micro rib weave.

You also really can’t beat the price of this top!


Like the V-Neck sweater, I can’t think of any glaring cons for this beautiful top!

SIZING: The size small fit me perfectly, despite my fear of it being too tight, as these sorts of tops often are on me.

MATERIAL: 95% cotton, 5% spandex

CARE: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low (but I just let mine air-dry).


STYLING: What won’t this top look good with? I recently wore it to a friend’s going-away dinner with a pair of black skinny jeans, the V-heels, and my long camel coat draped over top. For a more casual day look, I would tuck it into a pair of relaxed blue jeans, or even my vintage high-waisted grey pants for work. I chose black, because black tops like this one remind me a little of the beautiful top Sandy wore during the final number in Grease! :)



There you have it! I hope you found these reviews helpful. Have any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below xx

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