Reinventing Tomboy with Tradlands

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Have you ever borrowed your boyfriend's or husband's shirt and thought, "Why don't they make women's clothing like this?" 

Somehow, it seems that "women's" clothing is always as thin and cheaply made as possible... at least in the fast fashion industry. I remember all the flimsy, see-through, clingy pieces. Back when I used to shop at malls, it was almost impossible to find tees that weren't transparent or sweaters that were actually thick enough to keep me warm. I'd finally wander over to the "men's" section with Kevin, and feel just how sturdy the fabric was, how well cut the shirts were, how thick the sweaters were. To this day, one of my favourite tees is a men's one. 

The Girlfriend Tee in Sienna

The Girlfriend Tee in Sienna

While I tend to embody a relatively feminine style, I always find myself drawn to masculine pieces and silhouettes. I love the juxtaposition of a woman with her hair and makeup done, wearing men's shoes, a tuxedo jacket, or an oversized button down. A bit French, I think. 

If you resonate with this at all -- or you just appreciate well-made, structured basics -- you'll love a favourite ethical brand of mine, Tradlands. 

Tradlands is a slow fashion, American-based brand that is dedicated to ethical and sustainable production, creating the highest-quality garments that are versatile and flattering. Each garment is infused with details reminiscent of menswear -- but elegantly reinvented for women. Structured but delicate, contemporary but timeless. They're obsessed with the details, and each of their well-crafted pieces reflects that. 


For reference, I'm 5"7, 125 lbs with a 32" bust. 



I wore the Girlfriend tee on repeat while we were in Ireland. It's such a fun earth-toned pop of colour for my wardrobe (and incidentally happened to look really good against the Irish landscape). It's an easy top to tuck into a pair of jeans and go, or layer under a light jacket. I like to wear it on days I'm feeling a little more tomboyish or casual. But pair it with a light-coloured chunky cardigan and a statement necklace, and you've got a perfectly feminine fall outfit. I'm wearing it with high-waisted straight-leg jeans from Iris Denim. 

The Lily shirt is one of my favourite button downs for many reasons, but one big reason is... it doesn't wrinkle! I'm seriously regretting not taking it to Ireland with me, because almost all my other tops got soooo wrinkly in the suitcase. Somehow its 100% cotton weave is magically crinkle resistant regardless of how it dries after the wash or how lazily I fold it (its a character flaw), and not see through, which is always a pet peeve of mine. The shirt is also exquisitely cut. Eight buttons means no boob gap, and features a beautiful criss-cross weave. It's long enough to tuck into pants, but short enough to wear elegantly untucked as well. You can tie the front ends in a knot and wear over a pair of light wash jeans for a cute summer look too. I love white on white, so I've paired it with my white Everlane wide leg cropped pants.

The Soleil Dress is a beautiful, flowy piece. Tencel is one of my favourite fabrics because of the way it drapes, and this dress is no exception. The Soleil is practical, effortless, and can transition from office to date night with ease. I find the collar very flattering, and love the detail of hidden buttons. Wear it with white sneakers for a day full of errands, or heels for a dinner out. It's such a light, comfortable choice for a hot summer's day. For the fall, it would look great with a long cardigan thrown over top. A cropped sweater worn over the dress would also look adorable and keep you warm in the cooler months. I've paired it with my rosewood suede Everlane editor heels. 

The Lily Shirt

The Lily Shirt



I was so impressed to read about Tradland's thoughtfulness and commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

Wherever possible, Tradlands uses natural fibres that are sustainably produced (like the Tencel dress). They utilize 98% of the fabric they make, and have a recycling program for any leftover material. Finished pieces that do not meet their specific requirements are donated to a women's shelter instead of thrown out. 

For garment creation, Tradlands partners with boutique clothing manufacturers all over the world, but only with ones who are truly passionate about their craft and have the highest production quality and social welfare standards for their adult employees. Tradlands makes regular in-person visits to their factories (a key sign of a responsible brand that I always look for), which are all clean, brightly-lit, airy spaces that the employees choose to come to every day. The employees are paid a living wage and work in safe environments. 

"...beautiful things are more beautiful when the people who make them are paid well and work in a safe environment." - Creative Women Textiles  
The Soleil Dress

The Soleil Dress

These are pieces made to last; made to be handed down from mothers to daughters, to withstand trends and to be the pieces you reach for again and again. If we're going to slow the cycle of consumption, we need to make careful choices about the clothes we buy new. The more timeless, the more classic, the more well-made... the better. 


Shop the full summer collection here (these pieces will transition well into fall!). And remember, if you're a first time customer, you can use the code ALENA15 to get 15% off your order!

How about you? Are you a little bit of a tomboy at heart? I can't wait to hear what you think of these gorgeous pieces! 

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored, but I was gifted the items in exchange for an honest review and contains some affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Ally C Tran! 


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