Ethical Undergarment Review: ORGANIC BASICS

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We wear them closest to our skin. They protect us, support us, perhaps even make us feel lovely. And yet, undergarments are so often forgotten.

Before my foray into ethical fashion, my undergarment shopping trips happened once or twice a year, and consisted of the "5 For $30" underwear sales at La Senza, and possibly a simple bra that didn't break the bank. The quality or material of the pieces never crossed my mind. It was just underwear; it was supposed to be cheap, I thought, something to hide under an outfit. The fact that they were drenched in chemicals or manufactured in terrible working conditions was an issue I didn't even know existed.

Even when I finally did make the decision to shift to responsibly made fashion, I remember thinking, "Surely ethical underwear isn't a thing yet." I never took the time to seek it out because I was so sure it hadn't been done, and if it did, it would hardly be affordable or accessible. But as time went by, I started hearing tidbits from other influencers about brands that did produce ethical undergarments. And when a well-known ethical brand launched their huge underwear campaign, I was convinced. It can be done, and it can be done well.

But if I thought I had discovered the best ethical underwear, I had really only scratched the surface.

Enter Organic Basics.

A European brand dedicated to creating the highest quality, responsibly made essentials, Organic Basics is a brand changing the face of undergarments.

Slipping on their pieces feels like stepping into a luxury fashion store for the first time. Almost too good for someone so used to cheap, scratchy underwear. Every piece is incredibly soft, durable, and... I don't want to say "thick," but it's certainly not the flimsy material I was accustomed to. Sturdy bands, and a perfect, snug fit like they were tailored to me. I've never found undergarments particularly exciting, but pulling on Organic Basics underwear feels like a self-care ritual. Some other responsible underwear I've tried in the past ripped and began to stretch after the first few wears, but after lot of testing (because I just keep reaching for them over and over again), these pieces are still in just-out-of-the-box condition. So, with all that said, let's dive into a few details.




The Triangle Bra is beautiful, feminine, and functional. Ultra soft and wearable under most garments, this is a wardrobe essential. When we flew back from Ireland last week, this was my bra of choice for the 11 hour plane ride -- because it feels like you're not wearing one. I've literally had to check to make sure I remembered to put a bra on when I wear the Triangle Bra, because it's so easy to forget! I adore the rose nude colour because it hides well under my many white shirts, but it also comes in black. (I once read a French woman say that you should always wear a black bra under a white shirt -- "like two keys on a piano.") The bra does not have a padded cup, but the sturdy fabric is sewn in such a way that everything is pretty concealed and I've had no issues wearing it under a variety of materials.

The Bikini briefs are by far the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. With a wide, snug band at the top and super soft cotton, they feel like a gentle self-care ritual for your lower half (do I sound like a Pamper' commercial? They're seriously that good).

And finally, the Women's Tee. Do I dare venture to say... that this might be the best basic tee I've tried so far? The material is not too light, not too heavy, and -- you guessed it -- just unbelievably soft. With a clean, slim cut and a classic crewneck, it's undoubtedly my favourite tee to tuck into a pair of jeans or just bask in the softness around the house.
I also want to mention that besides these pieces, Organic Basics also offers socks, thongs, and a couple other basics lines. They also have a selection for men!



It's interesting how many of us are concerned with using natural cosmetic products on our skin, but we forget about the garments hugging our skin all day long and the chemicals we absorb from the pesticide-sprayed crops of cotton. Organic Basics addresses this by ensuring that all of their cotton is organic and non-GMO (read more about the fabric here). Not only that, but the humans involved in every step of the process are treated like humans -- fair wages, quality working conditions, have a personal relationship with the people behind the brand.

But Organic Basics doesn't just talk a good talk -- they're also incredibly transparent. They acknowledge that organic cotton is a fragile crop that requires a lot of water and processing, and they want to do better. They are consistently working toward more sustainable practices in all areas of production. They list the names of their factories on their website, which are all certified and locally run in Europe (see here).

This is the kind of story and craftsmanship that I want to carry around on my body. 



Who said ethical underwear can't be well priced? I was genuinely surprised at how affordable the pieces are, expecting dollar amounts much higher after I tried them on and luxuriated in their loveliness. 

The briefs come in a two pack for $35 USD (so about $46 CAD with the current exchange rate). That's two pairs of beautifully and ethically made, ultra comfortable, organic underwear for just $23 CAD a pair. And they're built to withstand the test of time, so you won't need to go buy more after a year's worth of wearing. The cool thing about brands like Organic Basics is that they actually want their clothes to last, making them as sustainable as possible, because they have the planet -- not just profits -- in mind. Many fast-fashion brands don't mind that their clothes wear out quickly, because it means you have to go out and buy more of their garments, and they get to pocket the extra money you're shelling out for something that won't last.

The Triangle Bra is $39 USD (about $51 CAD). I have definitely spent WAY more than that on a cheaply made bra from the mall.

The Tee is also just $35 USD. Again, very reasonable for an ethical tee made of organic cotton.

And don't forget, for 20% off your order you can use the code ALLYXOB20 at checkout!

What about shipping?
Shipping to Canada is about $35, but free for orders over $200. Shipping to the US is a bit less, and shipping within Europe is even cheaper.


I hope you've found this review helpful! If you're in the market for ethical underwear, I cannot recommend Organic Basics enough. It's time to start thinking more carefully about the clothes we wear closest to our skin.

If you have any questions about size, fit, care, or anything else, please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments. 


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