Ethical Canada: Odeyalo Clothing

This post is a continuation of my mission to scope out the best Canadian slow fashion and ethical brands as part of an effort to reduce the financial barrier of the CAD-USD exchange rate. On top of that, we're providing you with a 10% off discount code that you can use on any items in their entire spring 2018 and fall 2017 collection. Keep reading to find out what it is. 

Photos by  Suzanne Nolan

Photos by Suzanne Nolan

I've always believed in dressing well, regardless of the occasion.  

On second thought... I went through a phase in my teen years where I wore only entirely purple outfits. So let's rephrase that.  

I've believed in dressing presentably since I became an adult.  

Nowadays you'll never catch me in leggings or a sweatshirt in public (and rarely around the house). It's just my preference. I'm an idealist, a daydreamer, and I find the idea of poise and elegance quite romantic. I feel more confident, productive, and energized when I dress as though I'm going somewhere nice, even when I'm at home. Yes to gender neutral clothing, to not pushing an specific image on people to conform to. But I happen to love dressing femininely. I see it as a pleasant bit of old-fashioned for the modern world.  

So I must admit, while being able to comfortably relax in an outfit is a lovely bonus for me, it's not always my priority.  

Then along came Odeyalo.  

Pants:  Odeyalo Clothing        Shirt: consignment        Earrings:  Apse Adorn

Pants: Odeyalo Clothing       Shirt: consignment        Earrings: Apse Adorn

Cat: not ours... he's the friendly neighbourhood feline who likes to drop by for a visit. 

Cat: not ours... he's the friendly neighbourhood feline who likes to drop by for a visit. 

I reached out to Odeyalo a while back in my search for ethical Canadian designers. I was intrigued by their mission to marry everyday sophistication with the ease and comfort of loungewear. And now, after wearing these pieces myself, I can confidently say that... they're geniuses.

Let's talk about the 'Majestique' pants first. These should probably be called 'Magic' pants, friends. I exaggerate not. With thoughtful details like (gorgeous) pleating, deep pockets, tapered legs, and a relaxed but slim silhouette, it would be easy to think I was wearing work trousers. But these feel more like the comfiest pajama bottoms ever. The material is incredibly soft, stretchy, and durable. The elastic waist has enough stretch to be comfy all day, even after a big meal (speaking from experience), but is sturdy and firm enough to sit snugly around my middle without gaping. Perfect for tucking in even the thinnest tee-shirts. The elastic band only shows on the back, so when looking at the front of the pants, you can hardly tell it's stretchy.  

They're too good to be true. And yet still true.  

© Suzanne Nolan_-11.jpg

Now let me introduce the Bloom Kimono.  

Something that bothers me about so many cardigans is their lack of structure. Flimsy material that hangs oddly, sloppily. I prefer cardigans with a bit of shape and definition; they can provide warmth and comfort without dressing down an outfit. So me + the Odeyalo kimono = a match made in garment heaven. The material is, once again, beautiful and sturdy; the cotton fibres are woven in almost an intricate chevron pattern (I'm afraid I'm not very technical when it comes to the nitty gritty of garment manufacturing... hoping to learn more as time goes on!). The sleeves have a double layer of fabric, helping them retain their elegant flare.  

Kimono:  Odeyalo Clothing        Jeans:  Everlane        Shirt: consignment       Watch: vintage

Kimono: Odeyalo Clothing       Jeans: Everlane       Shirt: consignment       Watch: vintage

© Suzanne Nolan_-28.jpg
© Suzanne Nolan_-34.jpg

While still very warm, the kimono is actually lighter than it looks; it doesn't weigh you down. Wear it as a light spring coat or an extra layer to keep you warm in the office. And classy.  

Overall, I'm smitten with Odeyalo. I have another piece from them that I've been saving for a warm day... so stay tuned!

To see more images from this shoot and to read my interview with Odeyalo, click here.

The Details: 

  •  Sizing: The Kimono comes in two sizes: XS/S and M/L. It's comfortably roomy, and because of its boxy shape, would likely work on a range of sizes. I tend to wear a size Medium in shirts, but the XS/S kimono fits perfectly. The Majestique pants come in sizes XXS - XL (fits up to a 45" hip). I'm wearing a size S, and usually wear a 27. It fits well, but I probably could have gotten away with an XS as well. Since they're so stretchy, you may want to consider sizing down. But the great thing about ordering from independent slow fashion designers is that they're often more than happy to help you figure out sizing; simply send them your measurements, and they can assist you in picking the best sizes.
  • Material: The pants are 66% bamboo rayon/ 28% cotton/ 6% spandex. The kimono is 100% cotton. 
  • Production: Each piece is designed and sewn in Montreal, Canada by the artisans at Odeyalo. Woo! 
  • Price: The pants are $160 CAD and the kimono is $190 CAD. Scroll down to see the discount code that will get you 10% off! Shipping is free for orders over $250. 
  • Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry. I know most of us aren't fans of hand washing, but it's not as bad as it sounds -- and it will help the pieces last a long time. Simply fill up a clean sink or tub with cold water, swish some liquid detergent into it, and gently knead the piece until it's all wet and soapy. Then empty the sink and fill it with more cold water to rinse the garment. It took me less than 10 minutes to wash both pieces. Then I laid them out on towels, and let them air-dry. Super easy! And neither of these pieces would require very frequent washing.

I truly can't say enough about the gorgeous design of these garments. If you've been looking for the perfect comfy work pants, or a versatile structured cardigan, you've found them!

  • Ready for that discount code I promised? Use the code ALLYCOMFY at the checkout to save 10% on their entire Spring 2018 and Fall 2017 collection!

View their spring 2018 collection here. 


This post was produced in partnership with Odeyalo. As always, all opinions are my own.

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