Everlane Undergarments Review

Nude, black, grey. 

No wires, bows, frills, lace, patterns. 

Breathable cotton, ethical manufacturing. 

No-nonsense styles for all genders. 

Welcome to undergarments, by Everlane.

The Tank Bra

The Tank Bra

I was never the girl with the bra collection, the drawers full of vibrant underwear, the sundry undergarments for all sorts of different outfits and occasions. Which, given my personality, is a little surprising.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a very practical person. But for whatever reason, when it comes to the garments I wear closest to my skin, the intimate ones, a few comfortable and functional pieces will do. 

Or at least, what I thought was comfortable. 

Everlane, it seems, has gone and changed the definition of comfort for me. 

Pants:    Odeyalo

Pants: Odeyalo

When Everlane announced its new undergarment launch, I was thrilled to hear that so many people would have access to affordable, ethically made underwear. Ethical underwear certainly isn't very prevalent or easy to find. 

But I wasn't exactly freaking out. It's underwear, I thought. 

As soon as slipped on the hipsters, however, I knew these were different. And that my other pairs of underwear would probably feel left out as I began actively avoiding them in favour of my Everlane ones. 

These truly are intimates for everyone. Simple, timeless, feminine and flattering without being flamboyant. For once actually designed with comfort in mind, not a particular image or fantasy. Underwear for anyone, any day. Do yoga in them, sleep in them, wear them under your date night outfit. And without wires or uncomfortable straps, you might even forget you're wearing a bra. 


If you've been on the alert for ethical undergarments, I hope you give these a try. It's about time that responsibly manufactured underwear was this accessible. But before you do, take some time to read a more detailed review. 

The Details:

Sizing: I'm pictured wearing a Medium in the tank bra, but you might be able to tell that it's a little big for me. After this photoshoot, I ordered a size Small (because I do anticipate a bit of stretching over time, as happens with most bras). But that's just my body type, I think. I have a smaller bust and wide hips -- the underwear definitely fits me perfectly in a Medium. But I see where the bra could be an issue for some, with the standard sizing instead of the letters/numbers system. If my bust filled out the bra a little more, it would probably be the right size. Because the bra is entirely elastic instead of wired (holla!), you could probably get away with sizing down if you're small chested like me. 

Bra Cut and Style: Some of us might be super okay with letting a bit of -- ah -- shape, show. They don't mind what happens when it gets a bit chilly out. You know what I mean. As for me, I like a bit of padding there. The tank bra is not padded. However, the material itself is not see-through or flimsy. The cotton is sturdy holds everything in well, so I would be comfortable wearing the bra under most of my tops. That being said, it might not hide everything (if there was a sudden draft) if you're wearing a thin shirt, like a silk button down. So just bear that in mind.

The sports-bra type shape of the bra is flattering, but also makes it a bit more challenging to wear with low-cut tops and thin straps. It works great under most shirts and sweaters, though, and the black or grey showing through could be a nice look layered under a loose tank. I could see Everlane coming out with more bra styles to choose from in the future. 

Fit and Comfort: No unsightly underwear lines with these; they sit flush with my shape and don't produce any ridges. They feel like they were made for me, and I think that's the way intimates should feel. Well done Everlane. The bra is just as comfy, and did I mention I LOVE that there are no wires? I seriously can't say enough in the way of comfort.

Price: Are you ready for this? With the USD - CAD exchange rate, the underwear is only about $15, Canadian friends! Or three for around $35. And the tank bra is about $28.30 in CAD. I certainly didn't expect those prices, and was pleasantly surprised. If you're lucky enough to be paying in USD, the prices are even lower -- $12 for underwear and $22 for the bra. See if you can get some friends in on it, and split the cost of shipping! 

Durability: Honestly, these pieces feel like much better quality that the LaSenza and VS underwear I bought in days gone by. They're not made of filmy, diaphanous fabric that will bunch and bag after a couple washes. They're a super soft cotton, with a bit of stretch for comfort, but not so much that I would fear it losing its shape. I could see bra straps stretching out a bit over time, but there are few bras that aren't susceptible to stretching, and I think that would take a lot of wear and tear with this material. If you're in between sizes and worried about stretching, you could probably size down without issue. 

Production: Everlane has been very vocal about the production of their underwear line. It is produced in a factory called MAS, located in Sri Lanka. Apparently the factory owner approached Everlane at an event several years ago, and grilled them with questions about production and ethical practices. Now, MAS has taken on the production of Everlane's intimates. They pay one and a half times the national minimum wage, and have education programs for their largely female workforce. Read more and listen to a conversation between the factory owner and Everlane's founder, here.

Material: All pieces are made with US grown Supima cotton, which is wonderfully soft and light. I'm happy to see that they're not made primarily of an artificial, plastic-based fibre. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be organic cotton, which would be ideal. However, US grown cotton is a step in the right direction. I've heard it said that wearing cotton is the next healthiest thing for your skin besides going naked, so I'll take it. 

Overall, I can stand behind this line of neutral, classic intimates designed with every woman (and man) in mind. The comfort certainly blew me away, and I know I'm going to be wearing mine as often as possible. 

What I wear:

The Hipster

The High-Waisted Hipster

The Tank Bra

Want to check out the entire line? Shop Everlane's underwear collection! 


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