8 Places to Find a Last Minute Party Dress


If you’re anything like me, the holidays sneak up on you. Every year I promise myself that I’ll be prepared well ahead of time: presents bought and wrapped, house decorated, gift guides and blog posts scheduled and published. And suddenly it’s December, and I’m left wondering how the changing of the months evaded my notice… again. Then I shrug, and chalk it all up to my personality. I either live in the moment or some vague dream of the distant future, but barely manage to keep track of the upcoming week.

This is where I find myself this morning: with a gorgeous Everlane holiday slip dress to review and the distressing realization that most people have likely already bought their party dresses (if they have those sorts of fancy events to go to… *wistful sigh*).

And then, the realization hits me that there are probably others like me out there… others who are blinking at the calendar in dismay, scrambling to find a last minute dress and crossing their fingers that it arrives in time. So I decided to go ahead with this blog post anyway. Besides, in the off chance that it doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas… at least you’ll have a gorgeous piece for New Years, and many parties beyond that.

We can’t be too hard on ourselves, after all. The holidays aren’t supposed to be about perfection, although many of us strive for it this time of year. If you don’t find the perfect dress, it’s alright. You already look lovely. Take a deep breath, friend, and remember that what we call Christmas today is very much a construct, with rules and expectations we’ve created and burdened ourselves with. Personally, I feel that Christmas itself is the antithesis to perfection. The story of Christ’s arrival was messy, unassuming, ordinary. And in a way, he came to free us from our endless pursuit of all the things we chase but ultimately can’t fulfill us. So whether you’re already completely prepared for whatever you celebrate (I admire you) or trying to laugh it all off (like me), I hope you find time to relax and appreciate the coming weeks, even in small ways. We keep our Christmases pretty low key these days — some pine boughs on the shelf, a string of twinkling lights, maybe a tree. Presents wrapped in simple white kraft paper. I used to put pressure on myself to make it look a certain way, but I’m just not one of those ladies who has the desire or energy to make Pinterest appear in their livingrooms. It sounds cliche, but I’ve finally learned that Christmas really is just about the people you’re with. All the rest is lovely, but still just the rest.

So, without further ado, some ethical ideas for holiday dresses. I’ve tried to give a general indication of the price range of each brand to save you time, in no particular order. But remember, secondhand is always the most sustainable option — and many consignment boutiques already have displays of party dresses. But if you need a dress ASAP, I hope you find this list helpful! If you order today, I’m positive you’ll have a dress at your doorstep before the big day.

ethical holiday dresses

Party dresses for the true basic chic, Everlane has a lovely little collection of minimalist gowns that will take you seamlessly from office party to New Years.

Everlane Slip Dress Mini Review


I hadn’t planned on getting a slip dress for the holidays. I generally avoid slip dresses or anything with spaghetti straps, because I never found them particularly flattering on me (I’ve always been a little self conscious about my upper arms, although I’m slowly learning to embrace my shape).

This year, however, one of my best friends asked me if I had any recommendations for ethical slip dresses. Everlane’s new holiday collection immediately came to mind. She loved the pieces, and we both liked the same slip dress colour. If I got one, we could share it, I thought, knowing we were the same dress size. Sharing clothes is a great way to slow the cycle of consumption (if there’s a piece you need for a specific occasion, see if a friend or family member has one you can borrow)! So I decided to go for it, despite my hesitation surrounding this particular cut.

And honestly, the moment I put it on, I fell in love. Sure, it shows off my upper arms. But this dress is a lot more flattering than I had imagined, and I adore its subtle sheen and light greige colour. It drapes perfectly in all the right places, the neckline isn’t too high or too low, and it features a delicate slit at the calf. It also comes in cool pink and black. I’m looking forward to any excuse to wear it, and will probably be throwing some sweaters over top to wear it as a skirt.

Oh, and caring for it is really easy! I was worried that it would require dry cleaning, but you only need to throw it in the wash on a delicate cycle, lay it flat to try, and it comes out perfectly.

Someone invite me to a fancy party!

I’m 5”7, 129 lbs, wearing a size 4.

Click here to check out the Everlane Party Slip Dress.

2. Kotn - $

Canadian brand

Want to embrace your feminine side without too many sparkles or frills? Kotn is your one-stop shop. Plus, they offer free shipping within Canada!

3. Reformation $$ - $$$

From simple and understated to shimmer and gloss, Reformation has a party dress for every style and taste. But hurry, they’re going fast!

Whimsy and Row has the loveliest little collection of minimalist party dresses this holiday season. (Can we please talk about the middle one?? Love!)

5. Christy Dawn - $$$

Ethical dressmaker Christy Dawn has the perfect collection of flowey party dresses for your inner bohemian.

6. Amour vert - $$

Sustainable Canadian brand Amour Vert has a big and beautiful collection of classic party dresses for every function.

7. Amur $$$ - $$$$

Have an event a little fancier than the annual office party to attend? Amur will help you make a statement with their gorgeous and sustainable high-end gowns.

8. Universal Standard - $ - $$

Because every body should be able to enjoy a gorgeous party dress. Universal Standard has the prettiest collection of inclusive, ethically-minded gowns.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Did you find the perfect party dress from this list? was there a great brand i missed? Let me know in the comments!

This post was not sponsored but does contain affiliate links for Everlane. When you purchase items through some of the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible! As always, all opinions are my own.

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