ReNew: Everlane Recycled Plastic Puffer Jacket Review

Plastic. Once it’s on our planet, it stays there. And it’s piling up.

We continue to create new plastic at astronomical rates each day. In fact, 100,000 new plastic bottles were probably created by the time you finished reading this intro. Spooky, no? But it’s not a Halloween gag. This is the world we live in: eight billion tonnes of plastic have already been created in the past sixty years. And it’s not going anywhere soon.

Everlane has just announced it’s mission to end their use of virgin plastic by 2021.

When I mentioned this mission to friends, their first response was, “What would they even use plastic in?” As it turns out, plastic is used in a lot of clothing. And Everlane is no exception.

As a small step in the battle to combat this plastic invasion, Everlane is now using recycled water bottles to create their plastic, instead of sourcing brand new material. Today, they just launched a line of coats and fleece sweaters that were made using only recycled water bottles instead of virgin plastic. Not only are they helping keep these plastic bottles that are only used once out of the landfill, they’re breathing new life into them by creating classic coats that will be worn for years. They sent me one to test out, and I’m ready to share the results.


First of all, I need to mention my past aversion to puffer jackets. I think I’m still recovering from the PTSD of a shiny, silver, oversized hand-me-down puffer jacket that I wore as a kid. It was big, it was puffy to the max, and I sort of looked like the Micheline Man. I’ve sworn off puffer jackets ever since. Even the recent trendy comeback of puffer jackets wasn’t enough to sway me.

But when I heard about the launch of this new line, I was curious. Could they be worn stylishly, without looking like the Micheline Man? I used Pinterest heavily in my research, and was pleasantly surprised. If styled right, they didn’t look half bad. I decided I’d give it a try. While the mustard-coloured “Puffy Puffer” caught my eye, I decided to play it safe with something a little more subtle: The Everlane Short Puffer in black.

everlane short puffer jacket review

the features:

The Everlane Short Puffer Jacket features a hood, snap buttons, a zipper, and pockets. Each feature makes sense and works well — everything you need to stay cozy and warm!

the fit:

I’m usually a size Small in tops and outerwear, and this jacket fits true to size. I’m very happy with the fit of the puffer; it doesn’t feel oversized or too small.

the style:

As I mentioned earlier, I was hesitant to try out a puffer jacket. I tend to like my coats long, flowy, and vintage if possible. But I also live in a climate that can see snow almost every month of the year except July/August, so it’s nice to have something different and less formal for the colder days. I did have my eye on the “Puffy Puff” style, but I instantly began having flashbacks of that silver puffer jacket of my childhood… so I figured I should ease myself into the world of puffers first and start with something a little less out there. I’m actually super happy with this choice and can definitely see myself breaking it out on the next chilly day.

the practicality:

I suppose I could have gone with the long puffer or parka for true all-over warmth, but after perusing puffer jacket ideas on the internet, I really liked the “cool” factor of the short puffer and it gives me more freedom of movement, something my other long coats don’t have as much. I haven’t had a chance to test out the puffer in cold weather yet (since we’ve had a resurgence of sunny fall weather), but I’ve only heard positive reviews about how well Everlane’s other puffer jackets fare in cold weather, so hopefully this jacket is no exception. The website says that this style is recommended for up to -6 Celsius, but I’ll probably try to layer underneath and make it work for even colder days, because -20 days are pretty normal for us here during the winter. The material is also water-resistant, something my other winter coats are not, so that makes it a great choice for days when the snow is coming down heavily.

the material:

The Short Puffer is made almost entirely from 100% recycled materials and filled with 100% recycled, high-performance Primaloft insulation (not entirely sure what that is but it sounds like a good thing). Unfortunately, Everlane says that the zipper and trim are not since those pieces can’t currently be sourced in recycled materials. But at least they say they’re working on it.

the price:

The Everlane short puffer sells for about $125 USD and $162 CAD, which I think is very reasonable for the quality and extra care put into these up-cycled coats.


I truly am very happy with this coat and will definitely be wearing it throughout the winter. And I think that Everlane’s initiative to eradicate virgin plastic from their entire supply chain is not only commendable, but crucial. If you’ve had your eye on puffer jackets for a while, why not buy one that’s both ethically made and helping reduce the amount of new plastic being created?

I’m excited to continue trying new ways to style my puffer and breaking out of my comfort zone of longer jackets! See below for a few slightly different ways I wore i


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